Silk Brocade Background

This tutorial has been written for Paint Shop Pro 7 (PSP7). You will be creating a background like the one I've used on this page as well as on the title for this tutorial. The tutorial uses the following filters:

20/20 which you can download HERE.
Harry's Filters and Video Rave. If you do not already have Harry's Video Rave, you may want to download and install both versions 2 and 1 of the Harry's Filters. You can find and download them HERE.
Simple Filters, and we're only going to use the Diamonds filter but you may just want to download all of them while you're there. You can download the Simple Filters HERE.

First, lets open a new 150 x 150 transparent image.

Next, flood fill with a color. It really doesn't seem to matter as you will be able to change the colors when you apply your filter effects. I used #DBCBB2 for this background and for the sample tiles I've included.

background color

Now we're going to start having some fun! Go to Effects|Plugins|Harry's Filters| Sinfinity. You can see where to click by looking in the next screen shot. To start you might want to follow along and use the same settings that I have. Then, just have some fun! If you want to make yours a different color, just start playing with those controls that say 'Red', 'Green' and 'Blue'. By sliding them around you will find that you can get a lot of terrific colors! Then, save your tile as a jpg file since you will need to open it in 20/20.

Sinfinity Settings

This next screen shot will show you exactly where to find that Sinfinity filter effect. You'll find that there are many different effect options in here!

Sinfinity Filter Location

Next, open 20/20. Go to File|Open and open your saved Sinfinity tile. Apply the Seamless function to your tile. This is what your screen shut look like:

20/20 Screen Shot

Now change the opacity setting in 20/20 to 70%. This is what your tile will now look like:

20/20 Screen with Mute

Now go to Edit|Copy, then minimize 20/20 and go back to PSP. Edit|Paste your tile as a New Image which will look like:

Seamless Muted Tile

Now go to Effects|Plugins|Simple and select Diamonds and click Apply. Your tile will now become:

Tile with Diamond Effect

For our last step, go to Effects|Video Rave|Tiled Glass and apply the following settings - or you can change them, if you prefer a tighter or looser weave for your background. If you do not have a separate plugin called Video Rave and did not download version 1 of Harry's Filters, you may find it in there. If not, you can achieve the same effect in Harry's Filters 2, but your screen shot will be different. You can play with the settings. (You would find the Tiled Glass by first clicking on WARP in the first box and then TILED GLASS in the second box.)

Tiled Glass Screen Shot

And now you have a nice Silk Brocade Background which you can use for just about anything! Here's my finished tile with a few other examples:

Light Blue Samplespacer Raspberry Samplespacer Nutmeg Sample

Here are two Silk Brocade Background tiles that were made by Mon, my good friend and 'official tutorial tester'. :o)

Mon's Sage Green Tilespacer Mon's Purple Tile


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